Polycom 教育解决方案 - 计划和资源


Content Searchable Database

Polycom provides a free searchable content database offering educators worldwide access to more than 2200 programs from content providers. Updated daily, the database contains content provider educational outreach programs from organizations such as zoos, museums, author’s experts in the field and much more. Polycom partners with Berrien RESA to bring you this database.


Polycom CAPspace 是向所有使用视频会议技术的教师开放的免费目录。它可用于联系来自 42 个国家/地区的 12,000 多位专业人士,并包含教学人员可随时纳入其教学计划的数量庞大的课程。从 CAPspace 站点,教学人员可搜索、识别和请求参与特殊项目、班级和研讨会,或提供愿意进行全球共享的课程清单。